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Of course, “Are You Smarter Than a Backstreet Boy” would not be complete without some BSB trivia.It is somewhat alarming to learn that I still remember what high school class Brian was in when he got a phone call asking him to audition for BSB.”I told him today, and he said, “Since you’re on a special cruise, you’ll have to check in there" and pointed.He didn’t want to say "Backstreet Boys cruise." Nor did I.Before the games begin, their manager, Jen, takes the stage to go over the rules.

Since my passion withered, I have felt more shame than fondness when I recall how I lost my frizzy little mind over a manufactured boy band whose songs included the nasal and unsexy “If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy).” The embarrassment sharpens when I realize that I still know all the words to “Good Girl” and, worse, find myself dancing if I hear it — and of course I hear it because I pull it up on You Tube.

The Boys who inspired me to write fan fiction, which led to a massive website that has its own fans and eventually reached more than a half-million hits, according to my Geocities counter.