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No matter what kind of music you like to use to say “I love you” – our love songs playlist has got you COVERED!When you want to dance and sing your heart out, just use one of these done-for-you playlists and you’ll be ready to go!Doesn’t your heart just melt when a sweet love song comes on and you can’t help but hold each other close and spin around the room?!Or maybe you love those moments when you and your honey start up an impromptu dance party where you belt out the lyrics to let each other know how much you love them!He released ten albums in the period from 1995 to 2007. Place from him in an interview: "I am a recording artist from Hawaii. Link to Wikipedia biography Sy Scholfield quotes him on Twitter: "New album is called #Seven Twenty One.

Mickey Guyton Mickey Guyton is the bright new hope of Nashville, a breakout country star for 2015.But obviously, the singer also known as Mercedes Jones made it onto the Fox Network anyway.(And one of her biggest standout solo performances on ' Glee' was "And I Am Telling You," a song famously performed by Idols like Jennifer Hudson and La Kisha Jones.) "You know what? Thank you, ' American Idol,'" Amber later gloated to Access Hollywood." Ironically, she is now dating a singing-show alum: ' The Voice' Season 4 runner-up Michelle Chamuel.

Amber Riley The ' Glee' diva auditioned for ' Idol' at age 17, but she too didn't even make it past the producers.

Season 14's ' American Idol' top 24 have been announced, and along with the expected ringers, there are quite a few surprise omissions: Cody Fry, Emily Brooke, and Jaq Mackenzie to name but three. Not only did "Bubbly" eventually become a massive international hit for her, without ' Idol's' help, but it's since been covered by various other ' Idol' hopefuls, like Casey James, Katie Stevens, and Katelyn Epperly.

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