Who is constance marie dating

Her face was hidden behind a monkey emoji, and was captioned with the words 'I love you more' and 'If only you knew'.

In 1987, she was selected to go on a tour with the famous choreographer, David Bowie along with other 500 dancers.They have been together for a very long time, to be precise almost two decades.The couple also has a daughter named Luna Marie whom Marie gave birth to in 2009.The photograph, showing Ms Siaflas’ face superimposed next to his own, was the most recent in a string of images Mehajer posted online suggesting he was in a romantic relationship with the 25-year-old.‘All I want for is CS [sic],’ he captioned the photo.

In an embarrassing twist for Mehajer, Ms Siaflas denied she was dating him, nor had spoken to him in months.

Ms Siaflas confirmed to Yahoo on Sunday she was not on speaking terms with Mehajer.