Who is haley dating on american idol

There's a bunch of different ones I could think of, but at the top of my head, that one's awesome."Beautiful," I totally changed Carole King's -- it was beautiful the way it was written -- but I changed it up and kind of "funkified" it, and I think that was a different kind of a cover, you know?It was huge and I sang "Blue" actually, from Le Ann Rimes, because that's when I figured out I could yodel when I heard Le Ann doing it and I was captivated by it, so I did it... I think I was overwhelmed and probably cried afterwards, but it was just an amazing feeling.

Haley Reinhart: You know, not really, and we really didn't give into them at all. Haley Reinhart: There's so many different types of songs.

You were in the bottom three four times before your elimination.