Who is jeanie buss dating

The two ate dinner together, and Buss later invited Johnson to attend a Lakers game as her guest.Buss and Jackson separated after coming to a agreement in late December that neither could focus on their partner and their franchise.Whether Magic has the time, patience and acumen to pull that off remains to be seen. The trading deadline is Thursday and Magic may want to make a big splash. Jackson made a big splash before his first NBA Draft with the Knicks and got taken to the cleaners by the Dallas Mavericks.Last summer, Jackson was duped twice by the Chicago Bulls.It seemed a little odd that Jackson would use social media to reveal his relationship status but Twitter has been Jackson’s favorite form of communication this season, much to Carmelo Anthony’s chagrin.Of course, the Phil-Jeanie relationship was doomed once Jackson took Dolan’s money to move east and run the Knicks.

Those family get-togethers are going to be awkward for a while.

Magic is has a big smile and an even bigger personality.