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– the couple commissioned a special groom’s cake to reflect one of Dunham’s personal passions. 1 for his new “Disorderly Conduct” tour, where he’ll be accompanied by his wife, who also serves as his fitness trainer and nutrition consultant.Rosebud Cakes of Beverly Hills created a detailed model of the Keaton Batmobile, including the Batcave and edible versions of Dunham and his bride dressed as Batman and Catwoman (Dunham owns the Batmobile from ). Everyone always leavin' him a plates full of cookies, I'd think he's a diabetic too, don'tcha think?!

Talking about his early life, Jeff Denham was born on 18 April 1962. After his birth, he was adopted by real estate agent named Howard Dunham and his wife Joyce. He started learning ventriloquism from the age of eight. Talking about his education and qualification, he attended in Baylor University right after he finished his high school. Can't wait to hear this story next year: "The Night Before Christmas, Part 2: Santa's On Dialysis And He's Missing A Leg! You gotta leave 'em a plateful of insulin, how 'bout that? He has released four DVDs, pending a fifth: Arguing With Myself, released in April 2006, Spark of Insanity, in September 2007, Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special, in November 2008, "Controlled Chaos", in 2011, and "Minding the Monsters", in 2013. Come back in 10 minutes - you ain't gonna miss a fuckin' thing! " [audience laughs] I said "You idiot, how 'bout a freaking Polaroid! Where are all the virgins that Bin Laden promised me? [Jeff and Guitar Guy look down at Achmed's pelvis.] Stop looking, you perverts!

Some of his usual puppets include a woozle named Peanut, a bitter old man named Walter, a skeleton with eyeballs named Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and José Jalapeño, a talking jalapeño pepper on a stick. Last night, I couldn't find a place to park anywhere near this stinkin' joint. [imitating viewers] "Look, they're making a left turn! "Peanut: Well, think about this for a second: In a weird, twisted kind of way, all five of us onstage have slept with your wife. [audience laughs] You know, the weird thing is I am actually pissing him off. But he will not because that would be a form of suiciiiiide! [audience laughs] It's the same thing you mor-[his feet fall off the stand] Oh, not this crap again!

This is what he alluded to at one of his live shows in Erie, PA.

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