Who is lance gross dating now

I’ve had positive examples in my life from my uncles and aunts to my parents and just growing up, I’ve always wanted that.Like, having a relationship like my parents or similar to the Cosbys.Barely even admitted he knew Rebecca, who's a stylist in L.A., despite being seen with her on several occasions.I mean, if we’re dating, even though it may not be serious yet, I expect some kind of exclusivity. How does it feel to be ranked as VIBE Vixen’s number one finest man alive? Whenever we tweet about you the timeline goes nuts, so aren’t you used to having been considered the hot guy throughout your life? I guess being picked on made a lasting impression on me so I never⎯whenever somebody calls me handsome or anything like that I never take it for granted.I appreciate it every time I hear it so it’s never something that gets old. Because I was dark-skinned, my last name, I always used to smile a lot…stuff like that. My parents always taught me never to take anything for granted because it can be taken away from you like that, especially when it comes to looks.It’s been over four years since Lance and Eva called off their engagement and since then the two have definitely moved on.Lance has been dating his wardrobe stylist girlfriend, Rebecca Jefferies for about two years.

In what-we've-known-for-like-ever news of the day, actor Lance Gross just confirmed his sexy self is off the market.I went on your twitter today and saw that you participated in the #dearfuturewife hashtag.You tweeted, “I’m gonna love you like no one has loved you before, I promise.” That stuck with me because it shows that you are obviously someone who holds marriage in high esteem, so why is marriage important to you?Looks like there won’t be a real-life “Our Family Wedding” for actor Lance Gross after all.

Gross and “America’s Next Top Model” winner Eva Marcille (formerly Eva Pigford) have called off their engagement, reports.

He was recently voted Vibe Vixen’s #1 Finest Man Alive.