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تو بهترینی Park min young, She is the most beautiful actress in South Korea... She is strong woman.she's beautifull and kind(i think). I love all three of them plus their new co-leads in their dramas. Because the chemistry of Lee Minho & Park Min Young is so undeniable. People in the Philippines very much love the City Hunter. well base on this, I think LMH is afraid to lose his fame and big earnimgs that's why he prefr to break her heart rather than break his chance of gaining fame and wealth. what matters is the people who would be by your side when all else go downhill famous or not. the English langue is unable to describe you with it's little words. Now I just have to watch all three dramas, but I know someone's drama is going to hurt in the ratings in SK. People in the Philippines very much love the City Hunter. I know for a fact based on his last interview in which he said that he was not as brave as kim tan to go against what or who his fan want for him. I love you so much min young I really love park min young. I'm excited for her drama but why is she in the same time slot as her previous co-leads from the last two dramas she did. Love you min young, I miss you so ooooo ooooo ooooo much, my sweet min young, my number one korea star, you are irreplaceable In my heart, fightingggmin young, love you, waiting for a new drama from you. Love u always ur smile always cure my heart and take away my worries. Looking forward to the next episode in 7th day queen. Looking forward to watch Yu Fei but come back soon with awesome Kdrama like Healer/SKKS.Since the night his parents died Ji Wook believed that Bong Hee’s father is the man that killed his parents….

From lovers in a drama to a relationship off it, since Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun made their relationship public, they have been spotted together at big or small gatherings, with their sweet dating photos being splashed in newspapers often. He recognize the man in the picture as the man whom he saw in the fire the night his parents died.Also Jang Moo Young showed little Ji Wook a picture of Bong Hee’s father and told Ji Wook that the man in the picture is Ji Wook’s parent’s killer.I thought you and lee min ho were the best couple, but after seeing you with Ji Chang wook I've changed my mind. They're both completely different dramas & airs on different days -__-" Healer is not a waste of time to watch. Love you very much hi park min young i am your fan from philippines your movies is so very beautiful and i like most is the city hunter you and lee min ho looks good and because i love lee min ho because he so very handsome and he looks gentleman well i hope you are good bye and god bless you im your number 1 fan. City Hunter is the best action-drama I've ever watched. I really find City Hunter the best of all the Korean drama I watched.. thats what Park min young are..(^_^) Love her 4ever., I always go to minmincouple. Hi my dear Min Young :-D ..,just wanna say that I LOVE U..,i want u to be HAPPY always, SMILE always,.lovely when u do..

Park Min Young's character in Healer is refreshing & fun to watch. I'm happy you choose A New Leaf as your comeback drama. I'm hoping that you can be together in real life 'cause both of you really look good. I am very sad iam an indian...i love korean dramas,especially those of park min young and lee min ho....i really love both of them soo much....waiting for lee min ho new series HEIRS...park's new drama........... It was a complete package that's why many fans love her.. ;-) i Hope for continuessly good luck in your career.did a good job there.. ♥♥♥ I like her acting in sunkyunkwan scandal, but in other films i guess her acting Not that good, but not bad too. After watching this most beautiful drama, truly PMY is an amazing actress.

But I completely changed my mind, when I saw her in "Healer". U look so cute have watched all your films and I adore u in all, u are my number one Korea actress, pls don't stop smiling, you rock girl, I'm practicing to be always happy as you. First, I'd like to say what wonderful growth you've shown in your acting skills and ability to move my heart in your drama Healer. we always love you, Success...min young Park min young, thank you for your wonderful acting in healer. nobody asked you to do so, you're f**king pathetic. I wish A BIG SUCCESS for you PARK MIN YOUNG and your upcoming drama HEALER.....

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