Who is stacey dash dating 2016

“But many of her detractors want her to reconsider because there really isn’t a need for more washed-up celebrities in Washington D.C.”“When it comes to politics and dealing with the black community, very few people are as clueless and divisive as Stacey Dash,” The Grio noted.“The notorious self-proclaimed devil’s advocate and the queen of problematic opinions recently took to Twitter to ask her followers how they would feel if she put her extensive expertise in media trolling to use in the political arena: she’s talking Congress, people,” BET noted.According to her official Twitter page, the actress was born in 1967, making her 51 years old.

And this is not the first time the actress has dated someone, the television personality has dated countless men in her long career and married three times, even though all her weddings ended in divorce.

"She told me she was going to the Bahamas, and I was against it, like, ' Yo, don't go.' And then down to the last — we had the Blackberry — down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there, she was like, ' Yo, I don't like that plane,’” Dash recalled on The Real.