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Eventually, Martha convinces Jonathan to go, but when they arrive at the Luthor Mansion, they find that they were the only ones to have been invited.

He tries to flag down Whitney and Lana on their way home but they crash. Clark arrives at the crash site, and Sean attacks him.Chloe can't go with him right now, so he runs over to make a date with Jenna Barnum. He tries to light a match, and the flame freezes in his hand. Chloe is trying to help Clark choose something to wear for his big date with Lana when she gets a call from Sean.It's such a cold move; Chloe can't help but feel slighted. At her house, Jenna invites Sean to join her in the shower, but Sean is in bad shape by now. He grabs the shower head, and the water starts coming out as hail. Sean apologizes, but his desire for warmth overwhelms him. She makes a date with him for coffee at the office of the Smallville Torch.He tells Martha he is hosting a dinner tomorrow night for the farming community.

He wants to invest in some farms, modernize them, and make them competitive again.

His color improves, but the nurse complains that now she has the chills.

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