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Before she was a troll, Tila Nguyen — who was born in Singapore to a Vietnamese family and moved to Texas when she was 1 — was the first superstar of the social media age.She was the most popular person on Myspace, with nearly 2 million friends.She added, "I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them, and I can't wait to officially be Jewish! The next year, in December 2013, she posted a photoshopped image of herself on Facebook in front of Auschwitz, with a Nazi armband and SS cap on.She called herself "Hitila," and wrote a post called "Why I Sympathize With Hitler: Part 1," in which she called him "not a bad person as they have painted him out to be."The reemergence of that image and those declarations caused her to be kicked off the popular UK show Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 after only a few days in the Big Brother house.After that, she changed her name from the unpronounceable Nguyễn to the trashy Tequila.Like Jeffree Star, Tila began her new media whore life on My Space by starving herself to a stick figure body type and proclaiming her bisexuality, except to her parents, who didn't know until she signed a deal with MTV to do a bisexual dating show...prime example of parents who know jack shit about their daughter's life.Using My Space, and My Space founder Tom Anderson's fetish for Asian women, she became a Top-Rated My Space whore, sucking cock and licking carpet as one of 2006's top whores.

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If a psychotic break were a Twitter feed, it would be Tequila's.Tequila then issued an apology on Facebook, calling her sympathetic characterization of Hitler "a terrible mistake." She blamed her anti-Semitism on "depression" and years of "drug addiction.""I am in no way, shape or form a racist nor antisemitic and absolutely not 100% a Nazi supporter," Tequila wrote in August 2015.Since then, Tequila has retracted that apology in words and in deeds.Johnson, who had diabetes, died in 2010 after not taking insulin.

Two years later, Tequila overdosed; she had a brain aneurysm, she told Us Weekly, and entered rehab.

Throughout her descent, Tequila, 35, has seemingly been fixated on Judaism.