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She created and writes for the fictional comedy-sketch show The Girlie Show and later TGS with Tracy Jordan.She is portrayed by Tina Fey, who is also the creator of the series and its showrunner.Despite the fact that she often ingests high-amounts of junk food on a daily basis, she seems to keep her weight under control, perhaps because she does not seem to have proper meals.According to Fey, the character is not bulimic; "she just likes to eat".Liz has lived in an apartment at 160 Riverside Drive (which changes to 168 Riverside Drive in later seasons; the building is fictional, but the address corresponds to the block between 88th and 89th Streets); her apartment number is 3B.When the building is converted to condominiums, Liz purchases both 3B and 4B with her earnings from Dealbreakers, with the encouragement of both Jack and Jenna.In the episode "The Moms," her mother is said to have worked as a secretary at Sterling Cooper and to have "repeatedly lost [her] virginity" to Buzz Aldrin while the town pervert watched from the bushes. ", it is revealed that Liz attended elementary school with musician and actress Sheryl Crow, co-starring with her as one of a pair of kidneys in a 5th grade musical.While Liz believes that the two were great friends, Crow only vaguely remembers her, and refers to Liz as a "loser".

") Marcella Roy (as a preschooler in "Rosemary's Baby" & "Kidnapped by Danger") Carmen Osbahr (Muppet Liz Lemon in "Apollo, Apollo") Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Muppet Liz Lemon in Sesame Street "30 Rocks" sketch)Dick Lemon (father) Margaret Lemon (née Freeman) (mother) Mitch Lemon (brother) "Nana" Lemon (grandmother) Adolf Lemon (grandfather) Dolly Harlan (great-aunt) Linda Lemon (aunt) Harold Lemon (uncle) Grey "The Hair" (third cousin) Randy Lemon (cousin) Eliza Lemon (great-granddaughter) Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon is the main character of the American television series 30 Rock.Liz is generally portrayed as something of a "geek".So, while she is an apparently skilled writer, she seems to have very few social skills (in "Rosemary's Baby", Jack describes her as "socially retarded").Liz became the head writer for The Girlie Show, while Jenna became the show's main star.

In the pilot, it is announced that Liz's former boss Gary has died and Jack Donaghy takes his place.

Liz is sometimes dismissive of others, a personality flaw that can be connected to her lack of social skills.

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