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Johnny Cash picked up on the title track, easily among his finest compositions, but most of Darkness is disaffected and depressive, hiding from the sun in a roomful of fetid air.Ease Down The Road (8/10) and Master And Everyone (8/10) sound more mature, both in content and in the expanded line-ups, including country fiddles, organs and guest singers.His is a music that suits the pretender, not the king.trying to run a tight ship,” Will Oldham said when he came to the door.Some find Sings Greatest Palace Music (5/10) High Conceptopolis, Illinois; but for me it’s Dullsville, Tennessee.His royal highness gets the full Nashville session treatment, lacquering his great youthful songbook with a kitsch veneer.But would it have been too much to bundle in the Little Joya EP included with the original?