Who is wwe kelly kelly dating

“I met him through a mutual girlfriend I was living in Tampa at the time.

”The professional wrestler also revealed what sort of drama her fans could expect in WAGS. Friendships go up and down and relationships go up and down.She performed from 2006-2012, which included being the Diva’s Champion in 2011.As a former athlete herself, she’s not a “typical” WAG, but with the pending wedding, Barbie is very excited to move up the hierarchy chain and legitimize her WAG status.It’s a great look at what women in the WAG world go through on a daily basis, how we deal with our men being on the road, having our own identities and careers and lots more!

”Kelly has more than a million followers on Twitter and she has been actively promoting WAGS on both Twitter and Instagram.

I was nervous, but that was fun.” John Laurinaitis, who signed her, Rob Van Dam, Sandman also assisted in her maturation process. When we started dating, I got into it and started cheering him on, and I became his No.1 fan.” Turnabout is fair play.