Who was taylor swift dating on her 21st birthday

In one pic of Taylor from the party, Gigi captioned, "When high school and post-high-school BFF's are united." Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn Malik was also present at the party, but made sure to celebrate her birthday last weekend, on her actual birthday (April 23). News, "Zayn showered Gigi with flowers and presents for her birthday.He was very thoughtful with what presents he got her.“It’ll be cool that I’ll be able to go to a lot of concerts that my friends always go to and I sit at home because it’s 21 and over,” she says.“Other than that, I don’t think I’m going to all of a sudden start being in love with the idea of going to a club.” But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have a good time.

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Click the link (right) to get a closer look at Tay Tay's exact dress, or check out (no pun intended!A new report claims that they've been secretly calling each other... They may have broken up in December, but on Wednesday, the two stars were spotted grabbing an intimate dinner together at Bound'ry --Â a Nashville... The actor was just tapped to be the London host for this Friday's Hope for Haiti Now telethon.Birthdays are supposed to be fun, but that definitely wasn't the case for Taylor Swift when she was celebrating her birthday and it's all because of one of her exes, Jake Gyllenhaal. Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about people she's dated, whether things ended good or bad with them, but we only get to hear her side of the story. Starting at 8 pm EST and running commercial-free for two...‘The song that specifically references this “event” is The Moment I Knew.

They lyrics are all about her birthday party and Jake not showing up,’ the source claims.

‘The day before — all was set — he was coming, no issues.