Why are you online dating

Many people sign up for an online dating site or go to a speed dating event expecting to find their “one and only” simply by signing up or logging in.Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and it will take some time. It got me a few relationships here and there, but it took a lot of time to meet the right person.

So why do you think Prince Charming (or Princess Charming?As with most things in life that you want badly enough, you’ll have to put some work into it. Throughout the process, you learn what you like and what you don’t like.For example, one short JDate relationship years ago taught me that even if a guy says he’s romantic, it doesn’t mean he necessarily is.Likewise, it gives you alternative ways to spend your post-date time rather than counting down the days, hours or minutes to when he calls you back. Give yourself choices in who you date, what you do, and where you meet them. Despite recessionary economics, a guy will still likely pay for a drink or two—just make sure you don't treat them like a meal ticket.