Wii froze while updating

My laptop and PS Vita can reach the router no problem when my Nintendo 3DS cannot.Try moving your device closer to your router before you try any port forwarding, static IP, DNS, and etc.I'm trying again now, and it seems to be making progress from scratch or has skipped ahead to a different update. Needless to say, I am extremely agitated with the situation.Is this a common problem that anyone's heard of starting with the Miiverse update? Not sure if I can just return it to Gamestop since I opened it and it's having problems, but I just opened it today.I don't know the first thing about networking jargon, and I am having trouble finding a definitive answer on how either of these things should be done.I did end up setting a static IP, but it didn't fix the problem, assuming I did it right.When it's near the router that's directly plugged into the "wall" it works perfectly fine.When i try to connect to the repeater though it doesn't get a steady signal.

I don't want to mess it up worse by doing the wrong ports, whatever ports are.I decided just to get an XL since I'd been wanting one forever... I played Brawl online to test it out, and Brawl of all games works fine.So it happens on two different systems on a network without any other problems.I posted earlier about my 3DS system becoming corrupted due to having to power off during an update that was not making progress.

Well, it turns out there was no way to fix it other than sending it to Nintendo and paying up $95 since it was out of warranty. I'm typing this message on a computer on the same network.

My new system has frozen during the update process twice now.