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It maybe an odd thing to compare it to but wine tasting is kind of like learning to play an instrument; it's helpful to know how to read music, but ultimately, there's no substitute for practice.And this is most definitely true, for both wine tasting and dating too.Sure, you can enjoy a novel on your own in the comfort of your own home.But getting together in London with a group of likeminded, single people who have read the same book (or, in this case, tried to same wine) can enhance your appreciation and understanding of the story.You will all be preparing your own meal for the evening as an actual hands-on cooking lesson.All the guys will each be at a station and the girls will rotate every 20 minutes, in each of these 20 minutes you will be preparing part of the meal with one of the guys and chatting with them.Wine makers will be present and talk about their wines and you will get to taste exclusive blends that are not even offered in the tasting rooms at the winery itself.

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Combine wine tasting with a more relaxed version of speed dating and general flirting and chat, and you cant get a better combination, in our opinion.This setting happens to be the actual chef's home located in Kenwood, Ca.Special guests will include winemakers from nearby wineries.Whether you enjoy its honeyed sweetness, racy acidity or bold flavours, the wine will be the beginning of a great evening, full of fun, laughter and flirting!