With dating gurus

David Deangelo’s interviews with Dating Gurus include one on one interviews for you to listen to with people like the famed Grant Adams, David Shade, FJ Shark, Steve Piccus, Neil Strauss (Style), Joseph Matthews (Mystery), Cliff from Cliff’s List, David X, David Wygant and many, many more.In these interviews, there is no evading questions or pussyfooting around, they get into intense, in depth conversations.I’ve learned so much from these guys personally, and I wanted to figure out how to bring their secrets to others… And because I have gone from knowing literally NOTHING about how to be successful with women to being able to meet women anywhere, anytime, in any situation, I KNOW WHAT TO ASK. I ask questions like “How do you start a conversation with a woman you don’t know? One of the most surprising things that I’ve discovered while doing these interviews is that I LEARN THINGS THAT I’VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get inside the heads of a BUNCH of these guys, and listen to exactly what they do and how they talk to women?make them your friends) and learn their secrets first hand.In fact, in the most famous success book of all time “Think And Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to a KEY principle that almost every MASSIVELY successful person uses. In short, if you surround yourself with a group of successful people, and learn from them directly, you will tend to improve and reach success far faster than if you try to do it all “on your own”.If you surround yourself with negative, unsuccessful people you’ll begin thinking, talking, and even ACTING more like them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT IT’S HAPPENING.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with POSITIVE, SUCCESSFUL people, you’ll begin to think, talk, and act more and more like them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT IT’S HAPPENING.

Instead of searching the internet day in and day out for dating tips from different dating gurus, he has a one click way for you to get the information you are looking for when it comes to meeting and approaching any woman.