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That had its own unique challenges." And motherhood—and life with a man other than Jamie—is complicated for Claire: “There’s a lot of anger, a lot of regret,” Balfe told 8) Jamie will spend some time in prison.Yes, this is troubling news for our hero—but during this time he'll forge an important, lasting relationship with Lord John Grey (David Berry), who runs the jail.🚸 We'll let you guys prophesy, we gon see the futur first !

In a press release announcing Lyle's casting, Starz described Marsali as thus: "She knows what she wants and she goes after it—reputation and propriety be damned." And Lyle looks 12) Jenny (Laura Donnelly) and Ian's (Steven Cree) family grows—and grows up.But for Jamie, this person just landed in his life again and there was no warning.So you’ve got two people trying to figure out how to go about this.” In a Facebook Live stream in January, Balfe said this scene "is a huge moment for Claire," while Heughan added, "it's kind of a surprise for Jamie, and obviously within a day of her returning, all hell breaks loose and his world is turned upside down, just like every time Claire's involved.": “I think if anything, when Jamie and Claire get together again, their love is timeless and who they are inside is timeless...No subsequent partner is ever as emotionally satisfying, and through various ups and downs, Frank and Amy decide they’re meant to be together, regardless of what the System wants to force on them.