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Poor Walmart just can't seem to move away from the bottom of the list. And it is interesting to see Sprouts come in at number 11 ahead of Aldi and Harris Teeter.

The company deleted the offending tweet shortly afterward and explained they were not aware of the context behind the hashtag. RIPGord Downie," the department store tweeted, along with an image of three denim jackets with brand labels prominently displayed, including one with a lining that featured HBC's distinctive multi-coloured stripes. Burger chain Wendy's, for example, is well-known for roasting people (and competing fast food outlets) on Twitter.When one user recently asked the chain's Twitter account what they should order at Mc Donald's, the company answered "Mc Nothing" and to another who asked the same question, "better at picking places to eat." But, that approach doesn't always work and can fall flat if companies try to insert themselves into a broader, serious conversation just to promote their product.The company's used the same recipe to make them for more than 70 years.

"They get stuck to the wrapper, they get stuck to your teeth and it's got this weird earthy taste that's disgusting to almost everyone under the age of 65," said Tristin Hopper, a National Post reporter, in a video originally published two years ago.

Among the criteria used to calculate the rankings are store cleanliness, prices, food quality, staff courtesy and checkout speed." Details about new Wegmans locations opening in North Carolina Details about new Sprouts location open in Raleigh Are you surprised by any of the rankings?

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