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Now that we’ve got all the plugins installed and activated, let’s move on to configuring your news aggregator in Word Press.The Multi Importer plugin has many different options to set so we’ll start by going to wp-admin The other settings are not too critical but look them over to see if they apply to you. When you create a feed source (RSS link), this plugin will ask you to assign it to a feed category.If you understand what you are getting into (or don’t care), you’re welcome to skip this section.First, depending on the number of feeds you’re processing, you can create a serious performance issue for your site.

There are 2 basic problems with importing and aggregating content via feeds.Experienced in nonprofit administration, grant writing, and technical writing. Upgrade Advisor isn't getting an update for me, it says that there aint't a WP10 update for my lumia. Do I need to hard reset my phone and loose all contacts and photos for this to work?Second, unless you make an effort to point out your sources and link out (which the settings covered below do), then you’re stealing content for your own purposes.

Please follow the guidelines below and make sure your feed items are worked properly as from another source.

You can customize the feed a variety of ways, to include comments, for example, or feed just one category of your blog.

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