Wpf label binding not updating

You can see that the bindings are connecting correctly because all three key controls contain names on loading.However, if you modify the first or last names, the full name text block does not change.We saw this with a Slider and a Text Block that were bound to the same value.

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If you were to call it you would see the correct, updated full name.You can use this automatic behaviour to tell the user interface to update. Create a new WPF application project in Visual Studio named, "INotify Property Changed Demo".When an action happens that causes a property to change that would not normally cause an update in the WPF controls bound to it, you raise the event and name the modified property. Once ready replace the XAML of the main window with the code below: property that combines the first and last names into a single string.In some situations, it is not possible for a control to realise that the value to which it is bound has been changed.

For example, if a read-only property is calculated according to other, data-bound properties, controls that are linked to the calculated value will not normally update.

The value will be inherited by the key Text Boxes and Text Block.