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As I bit my tongue and gathered myself, I was approached by a young woman afterwards who said she herself was confused by what the speaker was saying.Her issue stemmed from the fact that her family doesn't even like her being Muslim, let alone them knowing any Muslims.He asked if we could speak in private and when we were out of earshot of most he said he was getting married in a few weeks and needed my help with something.

These should be lead by someone who isn't regurgitating ideas that I heard at 15 and now at 35 don't make sense to me.Hearing from real life experience as well as individuals that can help me develop self-esteem and confidence in myself to keep moving forward would be helpful.Most of us don't know what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like and what processes lead to the development of one.This is not just from the standpoint of not doing something, but helping our young people be smart about decisions they make.