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I don’t what it is about a garden, but dirt just seems to be so conducive to weeds.I’m not much of a gardener, but I do know that if you leave the dirt alone, weeds start growing.You may need to admit that you don’t know all that it takes to grow a garden. You may need to admit that you’ve ruined plants in the past.And that you’re a little scared to try planting again. Gary Chapman has written a book called The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.While this book was primarily written for married couples, the concepts can apply to how you love your kids, your relatives, and your friends.Consider calling your friends on a regular basis, to let them know you’re thinking of them and interested in their lives.“We are not trying to set up a gover......nment for Somalia, nor do we have an intention to meddle in Somalia..." "i think the trope in comic books where characters are exposed to chemicals or radiation and then want to wear makeup and spandex is some kind of subconsious reflection of the theory that chemicals in our environment that affect natal development are causing the gay." ______________________________(50%), jsoh(27%), Hitler(11%), Louis_LXIX(5.4%), butt_faget(0.9%), Hello(0.8%), David`Camerons`AVATAR(0.6%), pikachu(0.5%), literally(0.4%), lmao_zedong(0.3%), Bard_Of_Dale(0.3%), jsohs_gay_dad(0.2%), FUCK(0.2%), YHWH(0.2%), abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz(0.2%), very_nice_not-borat(0.2%), a_girl(0.1%), ancalagon(0.1%), goatse(0.1%), butt_fagget(0.1%...samog(89%), samoggue(3.9%), fatlord(1.6%), poige(1.2%), cumthinker(0.8%), avatar(0.7%), dong(0.6%), smaug(0.5%), ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||(0.2%), uguu-chan(0.2%), cattelord(0.2%), sameowg(0.1%), demagoggue(0.1%), cumog(0.1%), trout(0.1%), ladygagavatar(0.1%), Tupu(0.1%), Own Serv(0.1%), Ban Serv(0.1%), goku(0.0%), ragequit(0.0%), BURGIN(0.0%), dhoggue(0.0%), laterdouchebag(0.0%), Bulbasaur...d8(85%), UNInspectah Deck(12%), dee_eight(1.4%), d7(0.2%), _(0.1%), blatz(0.1%), d8-brb(0.1%), yourdadnaked(0.1%), baron_of_beef(0.0%), mybutt(0.0%), dnaked(0.0%), d8-clean(0.0%), d8-meat(0.0%), ______(0.0%), Joe_Slack(0.0%), d8-gone(0.0%), d8-gonetoabetterplace(0.0%), ________________________(0.0%), ferrus(0.0%), d8-piss(0.0%), d8-unworthy(0.0%), d8-hogwild(0.0%), d8ghost(0.0%...cumsitter(75%), Nog64(10%), cumsit(8.1%), wealthofcumsitter(1.5%), jizzking(0.8%), loli_lerker_9000(0.6%), comesidder(0.5%), sheriff_john_brown(0.5%), bender(0.4%), Gay Serv(0.4%), deport_mexicans(0.3%), cumsittin(0.3%), c(0.2%), Adam Smith(0.2%), mclovin(0.1%), muk(0.1%), kommissar_of_kum(0.1%), cumsitter_(0.1%), Cum_Buttsequatur(0.0%), The Vinja Nigger(0.0%), chumsitter(0.0%), O_O_O_O_O...klichka(97%), klichka-zzz(1.3%), Super Patriot Machine(0.5%), vuvuzela(0.3%), _____________________________(0.2%), You Can Have Up To Thirty Characters(0.1%), Miles(0.1%), Francis(0.1%), Patriarch(0.1%), nidoran(0.0%), Twenty Character Limit(0.0%), ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(0.0%), _______srslee______(0.0%), shen(0.0%), klihcka(0.0%), klichka-2(0.0%), Pene(0.0%), Pepeee(0.0%), ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^... I’d like to share some friendship thoughts today to enhance your life.

Too often, our pride and expectations get in the way of repairing old friendships that have broken down due to lack of communication or effort.Get to know their interests, hopes, dreams, and goals.Think about how you can help support them in those areas of their life.A friend is a stormproof shelter from life’s challenges, troubles, uncertainties, an unassailable bond overcoming any challenge, strengthening the connection in the process. One of the key success factors to living life to the full is to nurture and cherish the friendships you have, as well as mending past friendships that may have fallen prey to busy-ness or neglect.

Perhaps the most helpful thought I have about friendship can be better expressed in terms of a methaphor of gardening.

I’ve previously shared strategies from positive psychologyto boost your well-being in life.

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