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“Everyone needs to work together consistently—despite the children’s extraordinary abilities to break those teams apart.” Tom and Jan found anything but a team approach, however, as foster parents. It’s a slew of adults – from caseworkers to judges – on individual missions to make a difference in the world. At six-years-old, James moved into Tom and Jan’s home and trouble began almost immediately.

John Graves Simcoe was a soldier and an adminstrator.They knew their days wouldn’t be easy but they smile, sometimes for the first time in their young lives.Please call and invite Forrest Lien to speak at your parent and professional groups nationwide at (303) 674-1910.Tom and Jan, therapeutic treatment parents at the Institute for Attachment and Child Development, once dreamed of opening an orphanage.

“Years before we came onboard with the Institute, I naively pictured the house on a hill where I could teach the kids how to play baseball as the sun set,” said Tom.

For the first time, Tom and Jan were a part of a team.