Xcode resources not updating

However, while these valid certificates allow you to sign your code, you can only distribute through the App Store or through the Developer ID program when you sign with a certificate issued by Apple..If you choose to manage your signing identities manually because you are using a certificate authority other than Apple, you create them using the Certificate Assistant, which is provided as part of the Keychain Access application.Also, because code that you sign with a distribution certificate bears your stamp of approval, avoid handing out signed code that is not final.

Letting Xcode handle code signing is generally the simplest and safest choice, because Xcode is designed with best practices built in.Because a self-signed certificate has not been signed by a recognized root certificate authority, the user can only verify that two versions of your application came from the same source; they cannot verify that your company is the true source of the code.For more information about root authorities, see tool.This is usually the best option, because Xcode evolves with each new version to match changes in recommended code signing procedures and settings.

Any customizations you introduce, on the other hand, require explicit maintenance.

Also, you typically have different identities for i OS and mac OS apps.

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