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By the time of the Roman expedition to Arabia Felix in 25 BCE, the Sabaeans were once again the dominating power in Southern Arabia.

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Aksum), El Sharih took proud of his campaigns and added the title Yahdhib to his name, which means "suppressor"; he used to kill his enemies by cutting them to pieces.Mohammed sent Muadh ibn Jabal as well to Al-Janad in present-day Taiz, and dispatched letters to various tribal leaders.The reason behind this was the division among the tribes and the absence of a strong central authority in Yemen during the days of the prophet.Little is known about ancient Yemen and how exactly it transitioned from nascent Bronze Age civilizations to more trade-focused caravan kingdoms.

This may be due to social or official discouragement of research into pre-Islamic civilizations in Arabia.

Esimiphaios was displaced in 531 by a warrior named Abraha, who refused to leave Yemen and declared himself an independent king of Himyar. He wanted the officially Christian Himyarites to use their influence on the tribes in inner Arabia to launch military operations against Persia.

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