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Those contracts guarantee instructors at least three courses per year for a period of three years.

We are having discussions with the conciliator this evening to see if there is a basis for settlement.” The university has said that “all classes that can continue will continue” in the event of a strike, though it has conceded that “some classes, labs and tutorials will have to be temporarily suspended.” “York is saying that it will keep its campus open but when 60 per cent of the people who are instructing the classes are not on the job it won’t be business as usual.The students are inconvenienced by this,” Arend said.The school is holding as many classes as they can for non-CUPE members.” He said that one concessionary measure the school was pushing was reducing the number of contract faculty that are promoted into full-time tenure track positions at the university from eight positions per year under the last agreement to only two per year in the current offer.Jason Bruges Studio provided the station artwork titled "Piston Effect" consisting of a series of glass panels on the west walls at concourse and above the northbound trainway.

Behind the panels are liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that detect the passage of a train and then produce a lighting display in various tones of black and white.

Earlier today the union said it did not do enough to protect the job security of contract faculty.

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    Day ago. Contract faculty, teaching assistants and other staff at York University could walk off the job Monday after members voted against a final offer from the school.…
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