Young single parents dating

Don't do babysitters much and don't have family members close to drop kids off to.I do prefer younger men, but don't seem to be any out there that don't mind doing the family oriented things.I know one-on-one time is important but I don't have a lot of choices.young children keep you young ,,,and children are a lot easier to enjoy when your a little older ,,the getting out thing is a lot more fun when you are young so get out while you are young,,have children later ,,,once older its a good time to enjoy children,,when i found myself single 10 years ago and without my children (the ex got them) i ended up with a much younger girl who still wanted children ,we lasted 8 years or so and we have a 5 year old means the world to me and i am at an age where I enjoy hanging out playing and gosh they shure love ya ..we are out there ..i would have another and do it again ,(ok now it would probably be another accident ,,they all are arent they ??

If I should meet someone thats fine if not thats fine too..... What's wrong with dating a guy a bit younger, if you have more in common with him? The older guys seem to be more cautious about being with a woman with small children, but guys in their early 30's tend to HAVE young children of their own.Recently widowed, I find myself wit ha 6 yr old and a 8 yr old and, I wouldnt change a thing! I think it will take a very special person (male or female), to hook up with someone in our situation.It is hard finding someone that wants young kids in there life at our age, but when you find them, it will be someone that wants it, not just dating you in competition with young kids. Most people our age are having their "second childhood", or at the very least finally experiencing a freedom they had to give up years ago ,when they were raising their own children.I just hate that category, though, because saying they want kids sounds to me like they want kids of their own, and I can't deliver on that.

By the same token, saying they don't want kids may just be their way of saying they don't want to start over with kids of their own, but would be okay with me having kids.

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