Zac efron and nikki blonsky dating 2016

via Fametastic Join the discussion below, or Read more at Fametastic.Guys Zac and Vanessa obviously are in love or Vanessa wouldn't wear his shirt while she's traveling. She was wearing his shirt and holding a teddy bear.But for now - hope you don't have to deal with two many sweaty feet this summer, gurl![ and was asked if she thought Zac Efron and Vane XXXa Hudgens will ever get married. , which she allowed JAY-Z, DJ Khaled, and Future to be on with her.

Some people ask me if I still scoop ice cream because I used to work at Cold Stone Creamery before . People will get images of all different things, so you have to run with it.If I read every single tweet that something about me, I'd go nuts, so I just ignore it."When asked if she feels Hollywood drove fellow co-star Zac Efron to his addiction problem, Blonsky concedes that she endured the pressures of living life in the spotlight, telling Diaz, "As an actor I'm publicly bullied every single day.I get nasty tweets, and it shocks me that people actually take the time to mean tweet me, [saying,] 'Oh, you're ugly. We're sure it can't be easy to go from being GIVEN high-end shiz to having to sell it!