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it happens to our friends too We all enjoy playing the game Margaret I agree!I have exactly the same problem wen trying to play zynga poker thru facebook.I have reinstalled Java several times along with everything else I can think of. I have all of these problems while playing Zynga poker, it will work fine it seems until im up or about to win a Sit N Go lol and then its like its timing out. Me and many others pay CASH to buy extra chips then are duped by YOUR [censor] APPLICATION. the hacker stole my chips, (zynga replaced), so after two hours of he** i got back into both accounts long enough to get my email addies, my pics, list of my friends, and tranferred the poker chips i had to my new facebook account, now yesterday, (june 29th) zynga suspended my account, for what i don't know, and when i got back into it the 112million in chips i had were gone and there was only 1million left.Agree with emj65, it seems to know when you go all in or a major bet and everything freezes and you just have to sit and wait to see if comes back at warp speed, folded you, or disconnected you. I ran a couple of different speed checks and there was no probs. Usually refreshing solves the problem but then when i refresh im out of my game and i lost my money for entering the tournament, sometimes as much as 100k ... they say my behavior warranted this but all i do is sit and play poker and chat with the few friends i have made. Join the #1 Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game on Facebook and play Zynga Poker LIVE against 6 million daily users!There’s always a table waiting for you in this exciting Texas Hold ‘em Poker game.

I have asked many times "what I did" they kept sending me their policy, but never told me what I did wrong. The terrible thing is that I won these chips fair and square.I am 53 years old and don't even know how to cheat!LOL Anyway, IF any one can help me that is great, but for me I want the world to know that this organization robbed me of my chips! I have been locked out before with what they say is a violation.

The two times before they said someone hacked me and took me thru a bunch of steps to get my chips back.

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